Guest Post by our Mom.

So with the new year everyone wants to start with trying to get fit. Not that our mom is fat but she wants to lose a couple of pounds before our cruise. So today we invited her to share some tips of how she loses a couple of extra pounds.

Lets get right into it. Changing your life for the better. A new way we enjoy food.

Tip#1- Drinking more water. Water is good for you 0 calories, makes your skin beautiful, helps your digestive system, etc. I could go on and on but you know that water is great for you but so hard to get the amount your suppose to drink and so boring. My taste buds say Blah blah after a while. Hot Sauce: It has 0 calories and will help you get down all that water that your suppose to get down.

Fruit: fruit even though its not 0 calories it is low calories. Before fruit goes bad in my house I freeze them in a little container. Throw 2 in, then ice ( the ice will help bring out the flavor) a little flavor to that boring water.

Tip#2– Milk. I love cows milk every now and then. Mostly in my coffee and NO I will not cut coffee out of my diet ever.

I switched to unsweetened almond milk. Don’t say ewe yet. It taste good. Yes I still crave cows milk every now and then but, this goes in my coffee because wasting calories on drink is kind of crazy if you think about it. This almond milk is only 30 calories for a whole cup. I put about 1/4 cup in my coffee so only 11 calories. Also I get more calcium from drinking this milk. Lets face it we won’t stay young forever.

Tip#3-Sugar, sugar everywhere. Sugar is in everything. 1 Tablespoon of white sugar is 63 calories but sugar is not good for you. Its a Carb.

So I go for Honey. My favorite honey is from Sam’s Raw and Unfiltered. For 1 tablespoon it is 90 calories but has so many health benefits. Anything that gives me more energy, I will take it.

Tip#4– Don’t avoid all carbs, but control yourself. If your trying to stay away from everything you love, you will fail before you even start. My weakness is CHOCOLATE. So I get to chose 1 treat for myself during the week. My latest was Thin Mint Oreo’s. Now is the season for girl scout cookies. Stay away little cute girl with your $4.00 box of yum. These thin mint cookies give me my fix. It’s 70 calories for 2. Yep that is high for only 2 cookies but I will fit it in. Now that is only 2 a day and if I could avoid them all together or just eat 1. I am winning this game. If you find any other chocolate that is less then that good for you. Then your beating me.

Tip#5-I know you don’t have time for it. So you have to make time for it, but you have time to watch tv? Fine watch your tv but while doing so workout. I challenge you during every commercial to do something. Leg lifts, arm lifts, walk around your sofa, lean from side to side. No cheating you can not sit until your show comes back on. The more you do the more energy you will start to get.

Tip#6-Read those labels. Pay attention to the serving size. Yes you got a bag of yummy carbs for low calories but everything has a serving size. Easiest way to stick to the serving size is get a napkin of plate, put the amount on the napkin or plate, close the bag, pick it up and go away and eat it. You will be less likely to go walk to the pantry and get more if its there and not in front of you.

Tip#7-Stay away from buffets. Yes you can please more then one person in the family and if you have a coupon it makes it so much better. Right? Wrong. Buffets are so bad. You try and eat as much as you can to get your money’s worth. Not good at all.

Tip#8– Your meals should include a protein and a veggie or 2. That’s it.

Tip#9-Sign up for an app. We have our phones on us most of the time. One app I have found that I love is Achievemint. It tracks your steps using health app on your iphone, and MyFitnessPal is also linked. Once you get to 10k points you are rewards $10. Also in Myfitnesspal there are challenges that you can join. Super easy and fun.

Tip#10– Stay away from negative people. People who say you can’t do it or you will fail. YOU CAN DO IT.

There are so many more but try and start off slow. Set a goal and get to it. The prize: A healthier you.

Figuring it out

When we first started our youtube channel, we had no idea what we were doing. Oh that’s so simple we just load a video and it will magically make us money. We have come a long way since then. Learning how to Monetize a video. In fact our first couple of videos that we posted didn’t have ads on them until we started researching more. Every day we are growing and learning. Now knowing how to use the editing for the videos just made it so much better. A channel trailer which we are so proud of making because that was the first time we used Windows movie maker. Even a playlist to share with others. We may not be viral yet but it is one of our goals. So much more to look forward to. This summer we will really have time to work on our channel and uncover the secrets of youtubing. Watch out world here we come The Southland Sisters. 

Who Knew? Kids Blog Club

We didn’t know that we were chosen for the kid blog club star of the week back on October 7, 2016!! Even though we just found out because, nope we don’t check our emails as much as we should we are totally excited about it. Its a honor to be a part of their club. Here is what they posted about The South Land Sisters and our new badge we will totally rock. Thank you kid blog club. You guys are super sweet.


Why do they call Melania “The First Lady” instead of the 45th lady or the presidential queen? Don’t  you think it’s kind of weird in a way? I think it is. I love the way Melania  Is dressed in a light blue dress just like Jackie o. Jackie o was John F. Kennedy’s wife. Also,known as the old first lady or as I was saying the presidential queen or even the 35th lady. I like the way that the new first lady is really pretty. She has her hair in a bun. She also, has a Jackie o dress on as I call it. LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!Below Pictures of Melania Trump and Jackie O are shown. , Sara  BYE!!!!!!!

Melania  Trump   

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Image result for Jackie Kennedy Style Dresses

Hotel Tycoon game

For Christmas we got a new game. Hotel Tycoon. It is sort of like monopoly, but more challenging. There are not as many properties to purchase so less chances of you getting one. Check out the video here on how to play the game and how it all looks. Its one of our favorite new games. Its a little hard for Emma to understand but one day she will get it. Make sure you have some time to play before you sit down to start.

With the new year many are trying to lose weight. Check out this app and earn while you do something you do everyday. Walk with your phone on you. Connect your health app to achievement app . Track many other things during the day with this app. Get 10k points and get $10. Earning money for walking has never been so easy. Sign up today for free and stop walking for free.

Living the Game of Life

Welcome everybody to 2017

Welcome 2017!!!

Hey guys. Today I want to start this conversation by saying Happy New Year.  Because we are going to my grandma’s house. To eat the usual New Years Day meal. Black eye peas are suppose to be for luck in the new year. Well they are gross and won’t be on my plate. I will have to eat at least a spoon because my mom will make me. Cabbage for money, I like money so I will eat extra. Pork for wealth and prosperity, I love meat so I don’t care what its for I will eat the pork. We don’t eat chicken because it gives bad luck. Are there any family traditions you celebrate in your family for New Years Day? Let us know down below. I hope to have so much fun there.

As far as New Years resolutions eat healthier, get in good shape. Celebrate Christmas all year. Have cheer all year. Improve our youtube channel and blog, learn new things. What’s some of yours?

I want to also bring my baby doll, Paige Taylor to show everybody. I also want to say to let you know that last night we were unable to stay up until 12:00. My whole family went to bed at about 9:47. And I can’t wait. And if you were wondering I am not to excited to go back to school. But, I am a little bit excited we go back to school on the 4 of January. Today both Emma and I are going to bring our reborn baby dolls there. And I am going to say no hate comments just letting you know Emma and I are fully aware these baby dolls are not real. This is simply just a fun hobby we enjoy. We have their diaper bags ready to go to my grandma’s house. In my diaper bag I packed Paige Taylor 5 outfits. I also packed, diaper changing supplies, 1 pacifier, 1 bath towel, 2 burp clothes, 4 diapers, some bottles and baby food jars, and baby lotion. And I packed the bath towel just in case she has an accident all over. And not to mention Paige has been having a lot of accidents.

Check out our newest video on digging a diamond out of a sand rock Here.



Super Saturday

Some Super Tales

I’m a ape crazy ughum. Now that I’ve got warmed up I can tell you this HUGE story. Once upon a time there was a girl named Sara. Sara had a small cottage in the middle of the woods. She lived with her mother,father, and brother. Sara was caring and she never had a temper tantrum. But, she had her brother on the other hand who was exactly the opposite. Her brother never cared about her. Or anybody. His name was Bob. One thing a lot of people can’t believe is that he hates Christmas. He also likes almost anything you have cheer for or go and visit your family. This was not any usual kid. For his age ( 7 ) he should love things like this. He can barely even stand eating food without throwing up. I actually think it’s kind of creepy. So one day he finally got out of his room and went outside. He never realized how beautiful the world was outside. So from that point on he made friends and never went in his room for more than 2 hours.

Author: Sara